SATURDAYS AT 2:00 PM: Join host Charlie Sexton and the Red Back Revival Choir as they share many of those classic hymns from the Red Back Hymnal every week on WATC. There are special musical guests and comedian Joey Thurmond featured each week too.


  1. Is there a way to access the previously televised broadcasts of the Red Back Revival Sing Along?


  2. I thoroughly enjoy listening to the Red Back Revival Sing Along!!!
    Brings back many good memories of growing up singing these songs.
    Does this originate in the Norcross TV Station? Wish you were on every night. May God continue blessing you as you bless us.

  3. Sure was nice to hear the Red Back Hymnal Sing Along! I grew up as a COG PK & remember singing like this! I wonder if all these people attend the same church! I would like to visit that church if you could provide the location!

    • They are from various churches but you can follow host Charlie Sexton on Facebook to see area churches where they go to sing.

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