The King Twins to Appear on Seniors Today on WATC TOO

Identical twins Katherine and Margaret King were born in 1948 and grew up in the north central hills of Oxford, Mississippi – a university town and a place they have always loved. So how exactly did the King Twins become an up-and-coming hip-hop duo?

“It all began when we were separated for the first time,” says Katherine, who Margaret is quick to call out as the instigator and mastermind behind many of their adventures. “They put us in different classes in first grade, so we met during recess and thought we should check out each other’s class.” And from the first time that they swapped classes, they never looked back.

The pair’s antics continue to this day. After spotting some rappers on a street corner one day, Katherine insisted that Margaret back the car up. She spontaneously decided that they should request an impromptu crash course in rap music. And somehow, in some way, by some miracle… it actually worked.

The King Twins are quick to point out that they have already cemented their place in hip-hop history. Says Margaret, “I’m a King and Katherine is a King, so as far as we’re concerned, we’re already hip-hop royalty!”

In addition to their burgeoning rap career, the King Twins have authored six books including the 2014 release Our Josephine (Deeds Publishing) – an autobiographical novel about their grandmother’s African-American caregiver who taught them about love, race relations, respect and so much more in 1957 Mississippi. The twins recently reunited with Josephine, and a feature film based on the book is currently in development.

Enjoy the conversation with the King Twins as they join hosts Betty Cornett and Pat Mathis for Seniors Today on Thursday,Thursday, April 13 at 1:30 p.m. on WATC TOO